Welcome to Wausau

Located in the center of Wisconsin, Wausau beautifully reconciles city amenities with a small town feel. Rich woods and stunning lakes surround a thriving cultural community that shines with Great Northwoods hospitality.

Four full seasons of adventure provide residents and visitors alike with an endless supply of things to do. From breathtaking nature hikes to an illuminated nightlife, Wausau has something for everyone.

What does Wausau have for you?

A beautiful museum from the outside Build your own adventure

Whether you’re looking for easy relaxation or fast-paced thrills, you can find it here.

The inside of Wausau Mine Company Treat your tastebuds

From homestyle to high-class, Wausau’s dining options are diverse.

The Everest Inn bed and breakfast Rest your head in comfort

Rustic campgrounds and classy hotels both call Wausau home.